Olivia Booth Lamps is the lighting collection designed by Los Angeles-based artist Olivia Booth.

Olivia's glass-based lighting has grown naturally out of her sculpture practice and speaks to her desire to see glass take on a more varied presence in our immediate environment. Some of the lamps play on the spectrum of tension integral to glass, while others are meant to put the body in relation to glass in a new and dynamic (even intimate) way.

For the past decade, Olivia has been practicing as an artist, while also teaching art to design and architecture students, which has informed how she thinks of design as it relates to art, and how materials reflect that.

Lamps as an interloper between design and art.

The collection is handmade in Los Angeles using local sources, glass blowers, fabricators, and electricians.

Olivia Booth Lamps are available via Siglo Moderno in Los Angeles.

To view Olivia’s art, please click here.